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Healing Art

Oscar Basurto Carbonell

-His Spiritual Writings and Art have inspired people all around the world

Mr Basurto is a talented author and Spiritual Healer. He is also an accomplished artist with a great knowledge on the ancient science of techniques and designs of the Sacred Geometry, on the Ancient Symbols and on Healing Energy.
The artist calls it: “Healing Energy”

Mystic Healing Art captures the tenderness and texture of the cosmic energy which is the essential energy of life, better known in the East with the names of Chi, Qi, and Ki.

The focus of his paintings remains based on “Spiritual Healing”

It incorporates the necessary elements that act as intermediary in the order between man and the universe, because this Art grasps, interprets and gives expression to the essential rhythm of the vital synergy of color and elements that represent them, who work as a source of prosperity and constant benefit.

The goal of each art work is to outline the ideal bridge between the infinite universal cosmos, man, and his reality.

The structure of his art is such that the color, which is the main element with the movement, change in depth following the day light or the intensity / brightness of the lighting. The light can change the perception of its character which changes along the day.

The artist was born in Lima, Peru and besides being an outstanding artist, he is also an international lecturer, poet and author of innumerable literary works.

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The True Meaning of Christmas. Inspirational

Christmas is Love’s birthday.

Christmas reminds us that Love based on Solidarity is not a dream but a reality.

I would like to receive three gifts in Christmas:
First: Learning how to forgive.
Second: To be able to recognize my mistakes and to correct them.
Third: To Love You every day.

Christmas is the spirit of Peace and is the Love that will guide us to the next Christmas and thus to Eternity.

Christmas commemorates life. It is the moment where the ones who are here and the ones who are gone, meet again. Love arises and this is what is beautiful about Christmas.

Christmas belongs to Jesus, Who is alive in the whole humanity through the inner child.

Christmas is the bright star that announces the kingdom of Love. Have you discovered that light in your heart yet?

How beautiful is Christmas and what is most beautiful is that you are beside me.
There may be differences between rich and poor but when Christmas comes, these differences disappear because Christmas is more than a gift. It is the sincere love that is given and shared. This has no price, no limit and no condition. Christmas is the sincere expression of Love in the heart.

Christmas teaches us that the earth is big and small because it makes everybody unite under the same principle.

Christmas is Mary. Christmas is Joseph. Christmas is Jesus. Christmas is the presence of God in the home.

Christmas is sweet. Christmas is tender. Accept it in your heart and you will understand that Christmas is eternal.

Christmas is tolerance. Christmas is understanding. Christmas is happiness because Love is the path of forgiveness.
Author: Oscar Basurto Carbonell
Mystic Healing Art
Request Your Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing. Request Yours

The spiritual eternity is like the light that enlightens and gives warmth to a valley which becomes fertile because there is attention and care, interest and responsibility.

But above all things, there is the sweet divine energy of incessantly Love.

The spiritual healing is sustained in the equilibrium of a perfect love, which is born from the mystery of the creation, flows, nurturing everything that exists with the purpose of giving its own substance of eternity. The spiritual substance of eternity is the art of healing.


Author: Oscar Basurto Carbonell
Mystic Healing Art

Spiritual Healing is an act of Love.
An expert in the treatment of difficult diseases, Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell will heal you with energy treatments and a deep spirit of compassion.

Spiritual Healing is an act of Love

Mystic Healing Art is a refuge for people struggling with permanent lesions, with untreatable pains.
We provide energy treatments, these are not medical treatments. These are spiritual treatments. These are not religious treatments.
In order to participate, you must register, the registration, and treatments are completely free for you.
At the present time, these spiritual treatments are offered in Miami, Florida, but very soon they will be offered in the cities of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas.
An expert in the treatment of difficult diseases, Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell will heal you with energy treatments and a deep spirit of compassion.
Spiritual Healing is an act of Love.
If you have been to different places and you did not have any good results, maybe, we can help you. The only thing that we will require from you, after you are healed, is your testimony.

Donations are accepted but the Healing Services are completely free. Please contact us, explaining your case and we will answer setting an appointment for you.

Contact: Subject: Requesting Spiritual Healing


Mystic Healing Art would like to transmit messages of Wisdom and Reflection to all our Visitor Friends with the purpose that they may have lives filled with joy, creativity and unforgettable moments. This is the reason that we are inviting you to participate.

INSTRUCTIONS: Read the following Message and tell me who am I, by sending your answer to the email

The participant sending the right answer will receive a Subscription to the Course of Meditation and Energy, completely Free for One Month

” For Your Reflection ”
“Come, Come all, get together to listen to this voice that brings mystery and at the same time, a challenge with the purpose that finally something of Wisdom and Reflection stays.”

And I listened to that Voice saying:

“The day that you were born, destiny tied you to my waist, you better not try to get loose. And walk at my pace because your life will only last until the day that you dare to abandon my power and ordinance.
Nothing can overcome my steps, my path is certain, sincere, deep but oddly not found for many. Don’t try not to embrace me, don’t dare to fly or leave me, not even madness will be able to save you.

I am who will tell the sun when you will appear, none of the stars are able to stop contemplating me. I keep the secret of the Seven Seas and of all spaces and places of the creation. Nothing is in front of me.

Nevertheless, just like the wind, I sweep along the grains of sand, as if life was on each of them. Life without my presence, without my permission, would be like a bird with no wings; the ants, the walking of the elephants, the growing of the leaves, branches and fruits of the trees, could not happen.

They all have been given to me -because to all of them, I also have given my fundamental breath, not even the elements could be able to be, all the rhythms, every breath that pulsates in my being.
Music could not exist, neither philosophy, nor you would be able to remember nor to dream.

I impose myself every day, I have always been and then I became. Because of the mystery I am not conscious of my being but every being is reflected in me and exists in me.

But tell me, who am I?
Watch this mystery: when you call me, I move away, but I am always in front of you ready to embrace you and when this happens, You and I cease to exist to return to live.

Tell me who am I?”

Read the Message and tell me who am I, by sending your answer to the email:

The participant who sends the right answer will receive the Subscription to the Course of Meditation and Energy, completely Free for One Month.

Energy. Energy

You are an inexhaustible source of energy that everybody wants to have, some would like to never get old, while others to never know any disease, others would like to use the energy to develop as many activities, known or to be discovered.

Some would like to travel many times around the world, to go down the plains, to escalate mountains filled with energy and not to feel tired not even for a moment

Others want to have energy to feel strong, powerful, to be able to bend metals only with their fingers, or to lift infinite weights, or to swim thorough the sea, or to shout or sing, without their voice breaking, or to never say that they feel tired.

Some persons would like to have energy to have a clear mind, clear thoughts, so clear as to have natural understanding and with only one reflection, to solve every question, every mystery and enigma.

This is a fragment of a teaching from the Meditation and Energy Course.

If you enjoyed it and would like to have additional information, please click the link below

Love is. Inspirational. For Reflection

To be able to understand about love is necessary to experience it with our whole being . Not only with the heart with the mind and the body . But also love has to go above itself .
Love should not be limited and should never be conditioned . Love has to be spontaneous fresh and renovated . And full of a loyal and ardent commitment .Love has to be pure , candid but intense and passionate at the same time .
Love has to be whole and balanced total and sensitive . And why not say it ? Love has to give from itself so much that it unites itself with the beloved .In this way the morning eceives the daylight and the darkness of the night dissipates .Love is like this , it discovers , reveals , shows , teaches and always and on each case surrenders with humility .But it has the strength of the sea the potency of lightning and the tenderness of a flower .
Love is more that words . It rules among feelings and passions but it also elevates from the all and the nothing .Love is not only a kiss , love is every day’s kiss is every instant’s kiss which always lives in the heart of the one who loves and in the heart of the beloved
-Art and Teachings to Nourish Your Soul, based on the works of Oscar Basurto Carbonell
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